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What is Best Off-Page optimization Techniques Part-I

Off-Page-Optimization Techniques

Term SEO made by three words Search + Engine + Optimization. Basically search engine optimization is techniques to improve the page ranking of website’s web pages on search engine and make web pages searchable on search engine. A good SEO strategy pull up crawler to index your web pages on high rank and increase visitors numbers to your website.
Website contents and keywords are most important part to achieve high ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

There are two types of SEO techniques-

  •           On-Page Optimization
  •             Off-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization is a strategy about optimize your website’s web-pages and the word ‘On-Page’ tell that work and analysis on-page. It means the optimizer first of all have to do word and analysis with web pages. Keyword analysis and website contents are the main part have to work with that. In my previous article I already discussed about On-Page optimization Strategy. For more about On-Page Optimization Click here.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization is one of the most important parts of search engine optimization techniques. Off-Page optimization is process to involvement of your website externally for getting searchable and high rank on search engine result. Digital Marketing Company follows the off-page activities for websites and gets the high rank of websites on search engine. Main objective of Off-Page optimization is to see your website on first page of search engine.
In this article we discuss the some important techniques of off-page optimization.

Blog Writing


Website contents play a vital role in field of search engine optimization. If you want to see your website searchable and on search engine first page, your content should be meaningful and unique. So don’t take easy way (copy Paste) for your website contents. Blog writing and posting is the best options for getting your website high page ranking. There are some key points has to keep in mind while writing and sharing the blog which are listed following-
·       Your Blog content should be unique and related to your websites.
·       Ignore copy Paste content
·       Keep <=3% keywords in your Blog topics.

“Suppose I writing a blog containing 500 words and with topic title which is the best SEO Company in Bangalore and the keywords are “SEO Company in Bangalore”, “Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore”. So these keywords must exist 3% percent in your contents. It means you can use your all keywords maximum 15 times.

Social Media Marketing

Today, Social Media platform is the best options for share our contents because most of people average 4 hours engage with social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google Plus etc. per day life. You can share your blogs and website on these social media websites. I suggest you do not spam your link on social media websites. Utilize these tools smartly and engage here on daily basis. Your Involvement in social media helps your website ranked up rapidly. Now a days SEO company and Digital marketing company who located in Bangalore utilizing these social media tools smartly and get a good performance in terms of get more traffic on websites.

Directory Submission

Directory submission is a good option for getting backlinks for your websites. Directory submission is good strategy for getting backlinks. There are many websites provide the paid back links services. I suggest you don’t go for getting paid services choose free directory submission websites. It will take time may 3 to 6 month but after getting backlinks, It will be for long time and help your website ranking up easily. Submit your website URL and also Blog URL.

Some following point have to noticed while doing directory submission-

·        Use high PR directory websites
·        Submit your website on daily basis (only 5 to 8 websites)
·        Don’t submit too much daily
·        Use proper entry in all fields
·        First of All choose right category whether you want to submit.
·        Title should be your keyword and Title should not be more than 70 Character.
·        Submit your target URL or Sub URL
·        Make sure your description should be between 250 to 500 because some websites support 250 words and some support 500.
·        Use your main keywords in Meta Keyword field.
·        Fill your Keyword in Meta description field.
·        Use One Email Id and User Name for all your submission.

Following are the format of Directory submission which most of SEO Company/Agency follow-

                                          Directory Submission Format-1

                                   Directory Submission Format-2

In Off-Page optimization Techniques Part-II, We will discuss other important off-Page techniques.  For those who are new in SEO field, Keep patience and do continuous engage with off-page optimization techniques and one day surely you will get your websites ranks on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
On-Page optimization is a Science and Off-Page optimization is an art.

What is the best way to improve SEO for Your Websites?

Search engine optimization is the term used to define a set of processes that purpose is optimizing a website to get high rank on search engine like, Google, Bing and yahoo. SEO is important not only for getting high quality visitors for your website, but it’s also a way to improve the qualities of websites that makes user-friendliness of your website and increases its credibility.
Most of Search engines are using and updating their algorithms to determine which pages to include in their index and the order they show these pages in the search results.
SEO is the methodology to share the information to search engines in a language they can understand and give them with more information about your website.
Right SEO technique ranking up your website on search engine and wrong one can downgrade your website from search engine. SEO has two major components, On Page and Off Page SEO.

1                   On-Page Optimization Techniques
          2 Off-Page Optimization  Techniques

On-Page Optimization Techniques

In on-page Optimization Techniques we focus on keyword, Website Meta tags (Title, Keywords and Description), Page load time, Image alt tags, Website URL and sub URL and website contents. A good On-Page optimization technique bring search engine crawler to visit your website and index your website on SERP database.
Guidelines for On-Page Optimization
·         Optimized titles and descriptions and Keywords
·         Keywords Optimization and Analysis
·         Website Related URL naming and conventions
·         Sitemap Creation  and Search Engine Verification
·         Proper Internal Links
·         Use of H1,H2 tags
·         Image optimization (optimize image size, image naming and conventions, use of  Image ALT tag)
·         Proper Use of 404 pages
·         Minimized Page Load time
·         Mobile Friendly Websites
·         Unique and quality content (This is always the most important SEO factor!)
·         Quality External links (no broken links or links to ‘bad’ sites)

More Articles about On-Page Optimization
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Off-Page Optimization Techniques

Off-Page Optimization is a very part of SEO techniques which really makes the difference for website ranking on search engine. Good and quality off-page optimization techniques can keep your website on first page. There are following off-page optimization techniques for better ranking for your website.

  •        High PR Directory Submission
  •        Social Bookmarking
  •        Article Submission
  •         Classified Submission (Olx, quikr, Locanto, Craiglist, Clickindia etc)
  •         Question Answer (Quora)
  •        Web 2.0 Submission
  •         Forum Posting
  •         Search Engine Submission
  •        Blog commenting
  •        Press Release
  •         Influence Marketing
  •        Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

  •  More Articles about Off-Page Optimization

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So finally we can say that quality content with good on-page optimization and off-page optimization is the best strategy for better ranking on any search engine. There are many SEO company, Digital Marketing/Agency in Bangalore provides the best services. DiggDigital company also play a key role in Digital Marketing with (SEO, Social Media, SEM, PPC, Internet marketing, Email Marketing) services.

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Key Points of On-Page Optimization Techniques for Better Ranking

On-Page Optimization Techniques for Better Ranking
                       Top Idea of On-Page Optimization Techniques for Better Ranking

The word SEO stands for Search Engine optimization. Now a day SEO is the very popular techniques that used to create more traffic to the website or blogs through getting the high-Page Rank in the Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and AltaVista etc.
Every digital Marketing company knows that SEO techniques are changing day by day because of Google day by day update the crawling algorithms like Google Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird, PigeonRank Brain, Possum, Fred . Therefore, you need to stay up to date with Google update algorithms, to get more traffic for your websites. I know no one have the time to get update from Google and do SEO for their websites so you should really take help from SEO Company in Bangalore. We already know that SEO is very important for your business.
On-Page SEO techniques are really key points of a websites. On-Page optimization related to internal element of a website which is optimizing to make your website links. In this article we will discuss key points of On-Page SEO Techniques.
Meta Tags- Meta tags are really very important element of On-Page optimization and its play a vital role of website ranking. A Meta tag is tag which tells about the data in the HTML that describes some points of the contents of a web page. Meta tags helps crawler to know that what your page is all about and to display accordingly. We can improve website ranking with the help of Meta tag.

 Meta tags are existing inside your html’s head tag.
<head> Meta tag lies between this part</head>

Meta tag consist three important part which I am describing following-

1.  Title tag- Title tag is very important element of On-Page optimization which helps to improve a website ranking on search engine. The idle length of Title tag should Max 70 characters and it should be your main keywords which have to be ranked.

Syntax of Title tag
         <title> Title tag Placed here</title>


2. Meta Descriptions- Meta descriptions help you and the web searcher to visit your website easily. When you search on. Title tag tells purpose of the website. The Idle length of Meta description is 160 to 170.

Syntax of Title tag
<meta name=”description” content=” Your content 160 character placed here.” />

<meta name="description" content="BlueWeltHost provides wide range of USA Single Processor Dedicated Servers with 1Gbps, 100Mbps USA Dedicated Server Hosting network, mainly used for Gaming speed, large traffic websites, with Intel Xeon Series." />

  3. Keywords- Keywords are the third important element of Meta tag. Keywords consist word phrases and starting from three words phrases will be good for early website ranking on search engine. The Idle length of Keywords should be up to 255 Character.

<meta name=”keywords” content=”your keywords phrases placed here”/>


These three tags make up your Meta tags good for obtaining better ranking on search engine.
The main advantages of Meta tags are that the search engines read them in order to compare if these keywords and the Meta description are related with the visible content. Are your keywords exist in related your website pages? Is your Meta description related with your content of your websites? There is some certain weight in your Meta tags that the search engines crawler see, that being the causes.

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Importance of Dedicated server USA

For every company, online presence is a key asset and for many it is really critical. Businesses that rely on online website for revenue should perform optimally each and every day. To promote the business online, it is important to have a web server because servers plays a very important and effective role in running online websites. Now days, in this age of World Wide Web, hosting matters a lot. Instead of investing your hard earned in getting shared hosting, it is better to invest into a dedicated server.

This article will let you know the importance of USA dedicated server hosting and how it can benefit your business, no matter whether it is a large business or a small.
A dedicated server USA is a type of physical server that can be used by only one customer. One can make use of this server for hosting several websites that belongs to the customer only. Now these websites can make use of the RAM and CPU resources fully within their system.

Some More Article-

It is considered as the best hosting arrangement for any business as well as website because the resources of the server are not shared by the other websites. Needless to say, your website will reside in its safe zone and is completely unaffected by the other neighbor websites, who may be going through high traffic. This means that your website will not slow down, when the rest of websites are busy. As your site is not shared with the other websites, your server is the most protected and reliable type of hosting.

Advantages of Dedicated Server USA

• No chances of your site becoming slow or crashed by some other site on the shared server.

• Unbelievable server response timing

• Increased server security and reliability

• Custom configuration

• High Performance

• Your own and private IP address

• Customized Firewall

Experts say that a USA dedicated server does not come with any disadvantages and that is the reason why it became so popular in the world of online business. The only one factor that can raise your eyebrows is the cost. Shared servers are much cheaper compared to the dedicated servers. As the total expenses are paid by only one, the price may be out of budget for many new companies. Most of the host’s providers provide this preinstalled on their hosting packages. But those using the dedicated server one have to install them of their own.

While choosing a USA dedicated server host, there are a few factors that should consider. The first and foremost factor is Reliability. Before investing in dedicated hosting, make sure that the server is reliable enough. To find out this, simply Goggle it and you will get the answer.

It is important to interact with the support team before purchasing the hosting server. This will help you test their response before you invest any money.

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Everyone imagine that their website show on first page of Google search. Keywords are the basic things which help the website rank up on search engine. Right keywords are the basic ingredient while performing the Optimization Process. Keywords in search engine optimization are the terms, words phrases which are typed in Google Search engine by the internet users while doing the search process. When a businessman or a potential customer (For businesses) searches something in Google, MSN or Yahoo, you would definitely want your website to rank in the top 3 results on search engine. A good keyword is really important to achieve a good result on search engine. A good keyword has many attributes. Good keywords useful for your website to increase and ranked up on Google or other search engine. By the end of this article, surely you got a good technique to choose right keywords for your business.

Analysis The Competitor’s Website

·     While choosing a right keyword we would need to see its competition level.
·     Select   top 5 competitors who appear on search engine (First Page).
·     Look those websites and analysis them passionately.
·     Look for what topics do they focus on i.e. which keyword do you see over and over.
·     Go to the Google search and check if their websites are among the top searched sites for this particular keyword.
·     After Complete, Look how are you fairing with the keyword.
·     You could also use Google keyword Planner in Google Adwords or Keyword Anywhere free extension to find out the competition level
·        Check how the competition level of the keyword is and check best, medium and low level competition.

 Research keyword

·        Research keyword will give you a right sense of direction for optimizing your website.
·        If you choose a wrong keyword, it would be waste of your time and energy, as you would not be able to connect to potential customers with your brand.
·        Think and generate a list of topics related to your business. A good place to start is the topics you regularly posting on blog.
·           After that look for topics which can provide you a boost to specific keyword Eg. Difference between Dedicated server vs vps hosting  
·        Now check the search volume for the keywords.

Enquire and research about search volume per month

·        First of all we need to sign in into for which you will require a Gmail account.
·        After log in go into the Tools tab.
·        In the drop down menu click on keyword planner
·        From there find new keywords and get search volume data, click on get search volume data and trends.
·        Enter the keywords phrases you have selected one per line which is separated by a comma.
·        There we will be able to find the keywords details like Competitor, Average monthly searches and other details.
·        Select those keywords with high search volume and go to the list down.
·        I used keywords everywhere tools for monthly keyword search volume. This tool can help you to provide to approx. result and this tool is totally free.

Choose the right keyword and don’t bother about general keyword

·        Avoid choosing one word keyword. Choose at least word phrases more than      one.
·        Keywords should not be one word.
·        Rankings for one word keywords are relatively higher eg. Competition for just “SEO” would be compare to high rather than other related keywords..
·        Search for one of your keywords in Google search engine.
·        Scroll down to the bottom of the page of Google to view related searches and that can be your related keywords.
·        Then include those to your list of keywords.

Be Aware About your target area: look for local region
·          Use area (city, state) specific keyword to let Google know where your   business    is located and help local customers in your area to reach you.
·        Including your city (where your company exist) and state to your keyword choices and listing your physical address tell Google that you serve a localized market. 
Don’t Choose Keywords by own: Use tools
·        You can prefer Google keywords planner for your business and this one suggest you best keywords for your websites.
·        Search and choose right keywords and middle competition level keywords. Once you ranked middle level keyword then can go for top competition level keyword.

What is Best Off-Page optimization Techniques Part-I

Term SEO made by three words Search + Engine + Optimization. Basically search engine optimization is techniques to improve the pa...